Program Descriptions

IChallenge Fitness

Meets twice weekly (Holiday’s – No Training) 2ND2NUNN Sports Get Fit – A Healthier Lifestyle is a program for children and adolescents regardless of what sport they play.

Get Engaged / Have FUN!

IPower Prep

2nd2NUNN Sports iPower Prep Conditioning Program will develop young athletes’ whole body strength, muscular strength, muscular endurance, explosive power, and recovery efficiency. We utilize Twist & Hutton sports strength pillar program for training as focuses on uses young athletes’ own body weight and resistance bands to create strength. Incorporated major muscle groups: chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs, and abdominal muscles. *Each conditioning session includes youth mentoring on leadership development.

Feel the Burn / See the Results

IWarrior Training

2nd2NUNN Sports iWarrior Training Conditioning Program is for the young athlete who desires to compete at the highest level. This program uses Twist & Hutton sports strength pillars for youth training: Sport Movement Sport Strength Sport Balance This programs conditioning training will help young athletes: Improve Character Improve Strength Improve Fitness Increase Athleticism This program provides the tools of which young athletes need in order to physically excel at any sport. *Each conditioning session includes youth mentoring on leadership development.

Conquer Fear / Reach Your Goals